Why study leadership?

"Effective leadership is a force multiplier. Finding your true self as a leader will help unlock your potential and deliver exponential results to your organization... The Point and the Lesson gives you a strong foundation from which to further enhance your leadership skills and increase your ability to influence others."

Gain the self-confidence necessary in leading organizations and teams.

Master the science and art of leadership and results will follow.

The Point and the Lesson will help you and your organization level up your leadership.

Whether you are a seasoned leader or just beginning your career, The Point and the Lesson, offers clarity in understanding the science and art of leadership.

Easy to read and understand, it imparts basic leadership knowledge and gives the reader perspective on how to apply that knowledge to resolve real world challenges.

The results of effective leadership are exponential. The more you grow in your maturity and understanding of leadership, the more your influence and span of control increases.

When people follow you because they respect you, they will move the world without you asking. When people follow you because they are afraid to lose their paycheck, they will do little more than what you ask.

Let's start your leadership journey today.

Together, we can achieve the goal of AGI Leadership Consulting: "Uniting our world, One Leader at a time."

What challenges does your organization face? We feel your pains.

Leading teams effectively is difficult... "many people view leadership as an abyss, a black hole, difficult to identify and grasp where it begins and where it ends. People sometimes have difficulty defining and quantifying what effective leadership means."

What are the impacts of ineffective leadership?

- The results are not there. The organization has difficulty hitting metrics... productivity, cost, quality, service, inventory, safety. Whatever your metric, it feels more like a shot in the dark rather than being confident in executing the plan. If you are attaining results, it feels like a constant up-hill battle.

- Confidence is lacking all around. Trust is lacking or is completely absent. There is a sense that leaders and team members are working against each other and are not aligned, making for a difficult and toxic work environment. You are just not quite sure if you are doing the right things, and you are constantly in a state of self-doubt.

- Turnover is high and morale is low. No one is inspired. It really does just feel like a job. The company is just one day away from losing another team member.

- Waste is constant and apparent. There is waste in terms of processes, time, money and resources. Things could be more efficient and team members can be more productive, but something is missing. You have difficulty setting expectations and then enforcing them.

- You want to grow the talent in your company, but you just don't know how. Perhaps funds are unavailable, or you don't have time to develop and grow the talent on your team efficiently and effectively.

- You dread conflict. The mere thought of it makes you anxious, so you avoid situations and people.

- Building relationships is difficult and uncomfortable. You feel awkward being a leader and you feel that everyone is aware of it. No one says what needs to be said and there are no proper venues to discuss issues.

- All decisions go through one person or a select few, and at times are not made in a timely manner. You are micro-managing everything which keeps you from accomplishing more important projects. People seem to operate in a vacuum and communication issues are abundant: miscommunication, misunderstanding, no communication or late communication.

If these situations resonate and you can relate... then AGI Leadership Consulting can help. Click on our Services page and dive into how we can begin your leadership development and coaching journey.

"The most effective leaders provide purpose, direction, and motivation to those who are entrusted to their care..."

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